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How We Designed And Built A Custom Lead Storage Cabinet For A Cardiology Clinic

We were once asked by a Senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist from Western Canada’s best cardiology clinics to design and create a unique cabinet with a vertical storage area for flood sources and phantoms.

The buyer requested that the cabinet be made to bespoke specifications to accommodate the room’s unusual arrangement. This included vertical storage for flood sources. This was a must in light of the flood sources being brimming with radioactive solutions.

One-of-a-kind facility in Western Canada that provides all cardiopulmonary investigations under one roof requested this cabinet. The clinic uses cutting-edge, creative technologies to provide patients with high-quality, evidence-based therapy. An Exercise Stress Echocardiogram (ESE) is a way to determine if someone has heart disease without hurting them.

After receiving a basic concept design and a few specifications from the client, the Nuclear Shields Technical Expert was able to develop a prototype. Based on his received data, we created a thorough CAD layout with his suggestions for a custom lead-lined storage cabinet. Within days, the client had accepted and signed off on the CAD design shown to him.

Details about the product

It should have anternal shielding of 0.50″ thick – 99.94% pure lead shielding and should be encased in A36/44W Carbon Steel (ASTM B-29). The Lead-lined cabinet was 36.5 inches tall, 24 inches deep, and 50 inches wide, according to the buyers’ specifications.

The cabinet’s surface was prepped and painted in our subdued gray using a two-part epoxy-based paint. Our paint method provides a long-lasting, chip-free surface that is also silky and simple to clean.

It should have a 300-grade steel top with a 6-inch drop hole and a leaded cover completed the cabinets. There is no doubt that this steel counter is both visually appealing and simple to maintain. It took us around 12″ of room on the cabinet’s left-hand side to install dividers that divided it vertically.

Our heavy-duty stainless steel locking safety handles are standard on all Nuclear Shields cabinets.


The customer has said that they trust and are happy with the cabinets they got from us.

Standard and custom lead-lined cabinets for nuclear medicine and radiochemistry labs are available from Nuclear Shields, which develops and produces them. End users, such as laboratory personnel, are involved directly in the design process to ensure that the final product is functional and meets all radiation code criteria.