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Nanoparticle research for product improvement

Are you working with nanoparticles in the development of industrial products? Then there is a chance you will get stuck in the development process. Certain properties of nanoparticles are very important for an optimal performance of the product. Especially the size of the particles can play a crucial role. Solids Solutions carries out nanoparticle testing to find out different properties of nanoparticles. But also other small particles and powders are extensively researched in our laboratory in Delft. You can contact us for advice in the field of particle and powder technology.

Performing BET surface analysis

There are various methods and techniques to examine certain properties of particles. For example, we perform a BET surface analysis of nanoparticles. By means of physical gas adsorption, the BET surface area of a solid can be calculated. In most cases, we use nitrogen for this, but depending on the material, other types of gas are sometimes needed to obtain an accurate result. The pore volume and pore size distribution can also be determined. This is done by capillary condensation of nitrogen. For the measurements, various instruments are present in our laboratory, so we can always work accurately.

Solids Solutions advice and knowledge center

Solids Solutions helps you in the complicated process of product development. You can also contact us for presentations, seminars and other events in the field of particle and powder technology. We also share our knowledge through our knowledge center, where you can view articles and other documents related to the research we perform. The information is regularly updated, so you always have access to the latest insights in this area. Do you want more information on what Solids Solutions can do for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us.