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Our Selection of the 10 Best Floating Food Tray in 2023

Summer is here and that means it’s time to head to the pool! Whether you’re swimming, lounging or playing with friends and family, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on – food and drinks are a must. However, balancing your snacks and drinks on the edge of the pool is not only a hassle, but can be dangerous. That’s where floating food trays come in handy! Here are our top seven picks for the best floating food trays in 2023!

The BigMouth Inc. Inflatable Pineapple Floating Cooler

This cooler is both functional and fun with its tropical pineapple design. It can hold up to five drinks and snacks, and it’s easy to inflate and deflate for quick storage. Plus, it doubles as a stylish pool float!

The Kijaro Floating Cooler

This cooler is perfect for intense pool games as it comes equipped with durable mesh sides that withstand the impact of frequent water splashes. It also includes a convenient carrying handle, built-in cup holders, and enough room to store up to 12 cans.

Sun Pleasure Inflatable Floating Island

This floating island is perfect for group gatherings. It has six cup holders and a cooler compartment that can accommodate up to 10 cans. Plus, it’s made with heavy-duty vinyl material to ensure it lasts for future summer seasons.

The Aqua Large Floating Tray

This floating tray is simple yet functional. It can hold up to four cups and has space for snacks like chips, candy or popcorn. Its unique design with a center opening allows it to fit around your waist too, for an effortless and hands-free experience.

The Nekdel Zenith Large Floating Tray

This tray comes with four insulated compartments that keep your hot and cold food and beverages, well, hot or cold! It can hold up to six cups and is perfect for socializing with friends poolside or in the lake.

The Inflatable Drink Float Coasters

Inflatable drink float coasters are perfect for holding only drinks, and they come in a variety of shapes like flamingo, donut, or pizza to fit your summertime theme. They’re easy to inflate and can accommodate any standard-size cup or can.

The Over-sized Floating Tray

This tray can hold up to eight drinks and several snacks. It’s made with high-quality, durable PVC material that ensures its longevity. The center opening is big enough to fit a bucket or cooler, making it ideal for larger pool parties or social gatherings.

There are plenty of floating food trays on the market today and these are just a few of our picks for the best ones in 2023. Whether you’re at the pool, beach, or lake, a floating tray can make snacking and drinking enjoyable and safe. Choose one that fits your needs, and you’ll enjoy the convenience of effortless and hands-free access to all your snacks and drinks. Happy swimming!