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How to make the best use of your warehouse

Managers of warehouses deserve a regularly lengthy vacation, it is a very stressful job making sure a warehouse is running optimally, efficiently, and safely. Even more so when the warehouse is a big storage facility with many different items. These days there are many more warehouses being made because of the number of sales increasing through online stores. Even though all the buying is being done over the internet the products being bought need to be stored someplace. To maintain a safe, efficient, and the seamlessly used warehouse there are a few factors you should keep in mind. In this blog post, we will explain some key factors to make the best use of your warehouse.

Make use of good organizing techniques

The layout of the warehouse is one of the most important aspects to create a well run process. Having a layout that makes sense to the company will make work more comfortable and securer for the employees. It also makes sure the employees do their work more efficiently and quicker because the layout would make perfect sense to them. The quicker they work in the warehouse the faster the customers get the products they have ordered. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when organizing your warehouse space:

  • Make use of the ABC organizing method. Products that are more popular go to the area that is easiest to get to, and the least popular product will be placed in the harder to get to places.

  • Products that are heavier should be placed at a height that is safe for employees to lift.

  • Avoid putting different products with similar designs beside each other.

Use all of your space

When we say all of your space, we don’t just mean the horizontal space of your floor, we also mean the vertical space you have in the warehouse. It would be a very expensive and time consuming project to relocate to a bigger warehouse once you run out of space. However, if you invest in mezzanine floors you can make use of the height in a warehouse by creating an extra floor.