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Partnering with IA Group

Legal partnerships are unique in the world of startups. In any other industry, founders are advised to keep business and personal relationships separate. But not if you’re a startup lawyer. New legal ventures must be accessible to clients and partners; they can’t just be a bunch of people working on the same floor who trust each other with their money, reputation and future. So how do you set up a legal partnership without compromising your professional standards or risking being sued for breach of contract? Let IA Group guide you through the maze of regulations with this step-by-step guide.

IA Group

IA Group is a global law firm offering a wide range of legal services to businesses. Founded in 1995 by a group of senior corporate lawyers, IA Group now provides legal services to clients in more than 60 countries across a wide range of market sectors and industries. IA Group’s corporate lawyers assist large multinationals, governments, investors and entrepreneurs in corporate law matters. IA Group employs more than 450 specialists in various legal disciplines, including corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, governance and compliance, and litigation assistance. With IA Group’s help, you can resolve a variety of legal issues ranging from corporate structuring and mergers and acquisitions to governance and compliance and regulatory and litigation support.

Law firms and their clients can derive several benefits from legal partnerships. For example, they can offer broader, deeper and more complex expertise. Specialized law firms in niche sectors can especially benefit. In addition to contributing more capital, law firms can also increase the amount of funding they provide to clients through partner firms. In addition, law firms can gain greater reach by partnering with other firms. For multinational firms operating in multiple countries, this is particularly crucial. Risk can also be managed through legal partnerships, particularly joint ventures.


IA Group provides a comprehensive range of legal services to a wide range of clients. If you are considering engaging with IA Group, you need to decide which approach makes the most sense for your organization. Choices include: – Joint venture – This is a joint venture in which both firms share profits and risks. – Retainer – The law firm is engaged to perform a specific assignment. The client is billed for time and expenses. – Service contract – This is similar to a retainer. The client pays for time and expenses in this type of engagement. – Equity investment – In this partnership, the firms may share real estate. Such partnerships are more challenging. If the parties want to keep their bond confidential, it must be done this way. IA Group is the international partner for clients with difficult legal issues.